Monday, March 11, 2013

My Weight...

Ive been so out of it the last month that I forgot about my goal to lose 25 pounds (I think) by the end of March. Ive not even been trying so not anywhere close to that. The reality is, I've gained instead. I could beat myself up for that, but what good would that do??? When I feel mentally able, I will just have to try again. I don't have it in me now to even worry about it. Getting through the day with no goals seems difficult enough, though I will try to limit how many spoons of Nutella I shovel into my mouth, so that I hopefully don't gain more weight. :-)

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Its been awhile. I had extensive sinus surgery 10 days ago. I thought that by now I'd be able to breathe through my nose, blow my nose and get back to normal activities. Unfortunately though, my nose and the areas around it that were worked on aren't healing as well, or as fast, as expected. Because of that, the ENT doctor extended my post-op recovery time till I see him again on April 2nd. I was told the only walking I could do was around the house, and that I was to avoid being outside, and not to do much else. He also stressed multiple times that I was not to bend or lift, saying if my nose started bleeding, it couldn't be stopped in the office..I would have to be operated on. So another three weeks of being a slug. When all this is over, I should be able to breathe better through both my nose and mouth, and the constant headaches will be gone, but I may have butt and back sores from sitting in the recliner too much. :-)

Because of the surgery, it's been almost two weeks since Ive seen my daughter and grandkids. I already miss them, so can't wait three more weeks before I see them. The doctor said I can drive, so as soon as I have a little more energy, I need to plan a visit. I feel shaky and weak yet now...very tired too. The doctor said thats normal, but I'm hoping I feel more myself soon (even though my normal self isn't that energetic either :-)

The good news is that other than some shoulder pain, the fibro hasn't been too bad. So as I've seen before, the Lord has not given me more than I can handle. Thank you, Lord, for being with me during the surgery and after, and for giving me Marty. I couldn't ask for a better husband. He's been by my side in all of this and helping me in any way that he can.