Monday, March 11, 2013

My Weight...

Ive been so out of it the last month that I forgot about my goal to lose 25 pounds (I think) by the end of March. Ive not even been trying so not anywhere close to that. The reality is, I've gained instead. I could beat myself up for that, but what good would that do??? When I feel mentally able, I will just have to try again. I don't have it in me now to even worry about it. Getting through the day with no goals seems difficult enough, though I will try to limit how many spoons of Nutella I shovel into my mouth, so that I hopefully don't gain more weight. :-)


  1. Peg, great to see you writing here again! I love the way you write, and the transparency you show. Thanks for being willing to bring us into your journey, even when it's tough.