Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Can I Eat???

A couple of nights ago, I read a blog written by a doctor at Dr. Ashley Rusnak wrote about how to lessen symptoms of fibromyalgia, or joint pain, and listed the following foods to avoid:

* Soda pop, coffee and alcohol
* High fat dairy
* Gluten                              
* White sugar and white flour
* Trans fat & fried food
* Red meats, especially cured & smoked
* Nutrasweet & Saccharine

I'm not questioning this doctor's knowledge, but wouldn't it be easier to write what we can have? She did say though that fibromyalgia sufferers report less joint pain when on a raw-food, vegan diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds. And I'm certain that no food shown in the image above is on the approved list, though that dog looks very happy and without pain of any kind. :-)

All kidding aside, I suspect Dr. Rusak knows what she's talking about, and all those food listed would be good to avoid. However, I'm not sure I have the discipline to remove all of them from my food pantry...or belly. :-) It might benefit me though to cut one from my diet and then see if it makes a positive difference. If it does, maybe later I'll have the motivation to remove another.

I already avoid trans fat and fried food, and rarely have alcohol. I also don't eat much red meat or high fat dairy. Cutting gluten, white sugar and white flour seems too overwhelming right now, and I flat out refuse to quit drinking coffee. I require it to survive! What I will TRY to do, is remove diet pop from my diet. I've heard many times that it's not a good for you.

Trying to quit drinking Diet Coke might just be something else I fail at, but I'll never win if I don't try. And whether I accomplish this goal or not, I am not a failure. When I allow negative emotions to gain control, I may at times feel like I am, but I'm not being fair to myself when I do. No one is a failure. We just, at times, fail; thankfully though, it's not all of who we are. :-)

OK, enough chit chat. It's time to focus on another goal...exercise. :-)

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